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one-size diapers are here! - essential saltes baby [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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one-size diapers are here! [Sep. 24th, 2009|08:02 am]
essential saltes baby



esbaby one size cloth diaper

after months of testing, we're finally ready to introduce our one-size fits most diaper! these fitted diapers are made with a knit outer, hidden layer of cotton sherpa and are topped with natural cotton velour. they come with two soakers: a small and a large soaker. when your baby outgrows the smaller settings, the small soaker can then be snapped into the larger soaker for great nap and night time protection. large soaker can be snapped into the front or the back of the diaper, depending on your preference. these can be purchased through my etsy store by clicking the picture above, or you can place a custom order for them through esbaby.net/shop.

here is a helpful esbaby one-size diaper diagram that i created to show how to use the diaper, and what it offers.

i suggest that you choose knit outers for these diapers, but i can make them with cotton woven prints, such as this cowboy boots diaper. be advised that it will not have the same amount of stretch as a knit outer, however i do add some length to the wings to compensate.

one-size woven print outer

if you haven't done so already, and want to stay in the loop, please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of www.esbaby.net/shop. i send out coupon codes fairly regularly for both custom and instock orders. thanks!